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Are you tired of looking for TMJ specialists Los Angeles?

Are you tired of looking for TMJ specialists in Los Angeles? Well, stop looking for specialists when you can find a highly TMJ specialist here at our Wilshire smile group clinic. Here we have several dentists who are specialized to perform different dentistry procedures. We have one highly specialized TMJ dentist, Dr. Nariman Saadat.


Education qualifications

Dr. Saadat has gained his title of being the best of all the TMJ specialists Los Angeles. Dr. Saadat has a degree in microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics. He also took dentistry studies after graduating. He has also a medical and surgical degree. Once he had completed his studies, he received world-class surgical training.

This training widened his knowledge of oral and facial surgical operations. He is also trained to handle the most recent and advanced surgical equipment. He is a professional with unbeatable skill; he is dedicated and friendly as well.


Interest and expertise

Dr. Saadat is highly skilled and experienced in dentoalveolar reconstruction. The reconstruction involves the grafting of the complex bone, dental implants and even graft less restoration. This exceptional skill has made him the best of all the TMJ specialists Los Angeles. Moreover, he is skilled in orthognathic surgery. This surgery involves nerve reconstruction, benign and malignant pathology. TMJ disorder affects the jaw bones, joints, and even the muscles.

Here at our clinic, we are confident that Dr. Saadat will reconstruct ant damage caused by this kind of disorder. As he carries out his surgical work, this doctor normally gives sedation to the patient. We believe in sedation dentistry in our clinic. For every surgical treatment offered, we sedate the patient to minimize pain and to bring more comfort.


Other TMJ specialists Los Angeles that we have

We have doctor Twersky who is capable of handling the case of TMJ disorder. Dr. Twersky is highly skilled and experienced in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. We have Dr. Fariba Matinfar as well.

Dr. Matinfar is highly skilled and specialized in dental implants and periodontal diseases. She focuses on preventive dentistry as well as good dental hygiene and good nutritional health practice. Dr. Elyassi who is also the founder of our clinic has dentistry skills and experience. He is majorly interested in creating awareness of dental diseases and further advocates for preventive dentistry. With all their coordinated efforts, they become TMJ specialists in Los Angeles.


How they work together?

Our dentist work as a team to become the best TMJ specialists in Los Angeles. Therefore, in any case of TMJ disorder, each of them will play a role in the treatment procedure. Dr. Saadat being the chief surgeon, he is role is to conduct surgical operations to correct the disorder. With the help of dr. Twersky, the patient will receive further reconstructive dentistry.

Moreover, Dr. Matinfar will guide the patient who has undergone jaw surgery on the best dental practices. For the operation wound to heal fast, it must be taken care of. This will involve practicing good dental care and also taking light food to prevent further injury.

Finally, Dr.Elyassi will teach the patient on possible risks factors leading to TMJ disorder.

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