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The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the joint that connects the lower jaw to the skull. The joint is designed to hinge and slide, and it is cushioned by a disc. Excessive wear, abnormalities, osteoarthritis and jaw injuries can all degrade the disc, affect the joint and lead to TMJ disorders. Our Los Angeles TMJ specialist offers comprehensive care for patients who are suffering with TMJ disorders.

A wide range of symptoms may be associated with TMJ disorders, including:

•    Pain in the face or jaw
•    Pain or stiffness while eating
•    A jaw that locks open or closed
•    Stiffness or reduced range of motion in the jaw
•    Grinding, clicking or popping when the joint is used
•    Headaches, neck aches and shoulder pain
•    Fatigue in the joint
•    A change in bite

Further evaluation by our TMJ specialist in Los Angeles can help identify the source of your symptoms. Our office is furnished with the most technologically advanced equipment, including an in-house CT scanner. This allows us to better serve you and provide you with faster diagnosis and a customized treatment plan.


Los Angeles TMJ Specialist

If our Los Angeles TMJ specialist diagnoses you with TMJ disorders, we may recommend one or several treatment options, including:

•    Orthodontics
A misaligned bite can put excessive pressure on your jaw joint and trigger pain and discomfort. Orthodontics can align your teeth and jaws to reduce the pressure.

•    Oral splint
An oral splint is designed to promote proper jaw alignment and reduce the pressure on the joint for a more comfortable bite. It can also reduce bruxism, which can trigger or exacerbate jaw pain.

•    Compresses and medication
Both warm compresses and certain types of medication can ease discomfort and inflammation. Injections may be suggested for some patients.

•    Physical therapy
Physical therapy may be prescribed to strengthen muscles and promote proper function. It may also be suggested to reduce stress, which can worsen jaw pain.

•    Surgery
If conservative treatment options are unable to provide relief, surgery may be recommended. Surgery may also be recommended for patients who have physical abnormalities that are causing their symptoms.

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Disclaimer: Obviously, every patient’s case is different, and needs to be properly diagnosed and treated by a healthcare professional. Please see your healthcare professional or contact us for an appointment.