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All About TMJ Specialists in Los Angeles

TMJ is a joint that connects the skull to the jawbone, and it springs every time we talk or chew. As time goes by, TMJ can experience a problem, which naturally occurs when the muscles have a disorder due to injury or inflammation.

Here are a few of the signs to let you know whether you´re experiencing TMJ disorders:

–      You feel pain while talking or chewing

–      There is a popping sound when you open your mouth

–      The jaw joint seems to be locking

–      You feel a headache

–      Constant pain in the neck and jaw area

Does this mean your TMJ disorders are serious? Well, not always. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) recommends some exercises that could benefit from TMJ disorder relief. You can opt for these few exercises for TMJ disorder relief and see if the pain will go on its course:

Exercise of partial opening

Put your finger on your ear where TMJ disorder is located. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth and place your middle finger on your chin. Drop your jaw and close it again. Repeat the exercise a few times for at least five sets per day.


Exercise to relax the jay

This particular exercise helps to relax the jaw. Place your tongue at the top of your mouth right at your upper front teeth. And then open your mouth while leaving your tongue hanging at the roof of your mouth. Perform this exercise for a couple of times.


Closing mouth exercise

This exercise helps to train your jaw muscles to improve flexibility when chewing. Add pressure to the jaw by squeezing your chin using your thumb and index finger while opening your mouth for a few seconds.

What can these exercises help you with?

  1. It strengthens muscles in the jaw areas
  2. It helps relax the jaw
  3. It promotes jaw´s health and increases its flexibility
  4. It reduces the popping sounds


Is there another way to prevent TMJ disorder?

You can find a pain reliever such as aspirin over the counter. Or, you can prescribe a higher dose of pain killer to relax the muscles depending on TMJ specialists Los Angeles recommends.

Some of the TMJ specialists Los Angeles would recommend mouth guards and even stress relief depending on your health condition. For a more severe condition, a specialist may suggest surgery before it intervenes other organs.


However, it is best to prevent before it happens, by doing various prevention methods such as picking the right dental care, apply ice after every dental procedure, or make a regular appointment with TMJ specialists Los Angeles to discuss what better ways to maintain good health.

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