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TMJ Treatment Los Angeles

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Temporomandibular joint disorders affect the joint that attaches the lower jaw to the skull and can cause pain and poor function. The symptoms can range from mild to life-altering. Our Los Angeles TMJ treatment expert offers a range of treatment options that can help you recover function and comfort.

The jaw is a complex joint that is designed to open, close and slide. It is cushioned by a small disc. If this disc is damaged or slips out of place, it can lead to symptoms of TMJ disorders. Our expert in TMJ treatment in Los Angeles may diagnose you with a TMJ disorder if you have:

• Pain while chewing
• Pain in the jaw, face or neck
• Jaw stiffness
• Limited range of motion in the jaw
• A grating, clicking or popping sensation in the jaw
• Headaches or shoulder pain
• A change in bite
• A jaw that locks open or closed

Los Angeles TMJ Treatment

According to the NIH, women are more likely to experience TMJ disorders than men, but the condition is still fairly common and affects about 10 million people in the U.S. Your treatment options may vary based on the cause of the TMJ disorders and the severity of your symptoms. Our Los Angeles TMJ treatment expert may create a treatment plan that includes one or more of the following options:

• Oral splint
An oral splint fits over your teeth and aligns the jaw properly so that the muscles can relax. Oral splints also prevent tooth grinding, which can worsen the condition.

• Physical therapy
Relaxation exercises can be prescribed to increase the range of motion.

• Compresses
Warm compresses can ease soreness and inflammation while promoting healing.

• Medications
Prescription or over-the-counter medications may be used to reduce pain and ease inflammation. Injections may be used to lubricate the joint.

• Orthodontics
If a misaligned bite is present, it can be triggering symptoms, which is why orthodontics may be recommended for symptom control.

If you are experiencing one or more symptoms of TMJ disorders, we can help. Contact our expert in TMJ treatment in Los Angeles today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

Disclaimer: Obviously, every patient’s case is different, and needs to be properly diagnosed and treated by a healthcare professional. Please see your healthcare professional or contact us for an appointment.