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What benefits do you get when you see a TMJ specialist?


TMJ is a painful condition that interferes with one’s daily activities, including drinking, eating, sleeping as well as speaking. The situation occurs when your teeth, joints, and jaws are misaligned and dysfunctional.

Do you suffer from TMJ? If yes, you are not alone in this. Many people out there are struggling with this condition, and the good thing is, it can be treated. With personalized care from Wilshire Smile Studio, you would be tremendously relieved from your pain.

What benefits do you get when you see a TMJ specialist Los Angeles for treatment?

You don’t suffer from pain anymore

TMJ comes about with a lot of pain and ache. Your teeth hurt, and so do your shoulders, neck, and upper back, etc. It’s not just any pain- it’s chronic pain. The discomfort that comes with it is something else. In fact, in severe cases, it’s insane. TMJ treatment substantially reduces the pain to give you comfort and peace of mind. TMJ treatment functions to treat that and to enable your body to feel and function more productively.

The risks that come with the condition are reduced.

Apart from TMJ itself and the damage that it does to you, your symptoms may get worse. For instance, grinding and clenching of teeth overworks them, which would more likely cause enamel damage, which would wear down your teeth, exposing them to breakage or decay. See your TMJ specialist Los Angeles as soon as possible.

You enjoy your food like you used to

You will agree that when you have oral pain, you won’t fancy in putting anything in your mouth, especially near the damaged area. You do not get to enjoy your food like you used to before the condition kicked in. You reduce your daily food intake when the condition worsens because of the unbearable pain. In some cases, you would opt for lighter foods such as drinks to avoid the whole process of chewing food.

You also get to serve your dishes the way you liked them- hot or cold. Cracks and breakages on teeth as a result of TMJ would limit your options.

Your overall health improves

TMJ causes other unpleasant health concerns such as sleep disorder, chronic fatigue, and dizziness, etc. Treating the condition would alleviate discomfort and bring about lifelong health.

The quality of life is improved

With good oral health, peace of mind, no pain, and more eating, your days would seem to get better. You’ll want to talk to people and mingle since you are comfortable and at your best. No more being moody and emotional all the time. You get a brighter outlook on life and an increase in your self- confidence.


From jaw pain and stiffness, chronic headaches, muscle pain to grinding o teeth- to mention a few TMJ symptoms, the pain can be so debilitating that simple activities like yawning and chewing would be strenuous. TMJ treatment at Wilshire Smile Studio is worth it. It provides you with optimal care for your issue to improve your smile aspects and at the same time, enhance your foundation of a sound bite.

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