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Who should seek TMJ Treatment?

TMJ Specialist Los Angeles

Temporomandibular joint disorders, also known as TMJD, are complications affecting the joints joining the jawbone to the skull. The joints are located on either side of the face, and you can feel them moving as you open or close your mouth.

They are located right under the ears. Sometimes, due to various causes, these joints can get sore or swollen and cause discomfort in the mouth. These are called TMJ disorders, and if you are suffering from them, you need to look for qualified personnel to treat you.

We, at Wilshire Smile Group, are a certified dental practice in LA that offers solutions for these disorders. Our specialist performs Neuromuscular dentistry, which involves procedures that ensure your bite is at a place where the muscles are relaxed, thus not causing strain. Visit our practice today for the best TMJ specialist Los Angeles has to offer.

Who should seek Treatment?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, then you are a candidate or TMJ treatment. The most common tell-tale sign is a clicking sound when opening or closing the mouth.

The sounds could also be accompanied by pains on the region around the ears. The pains may also spread to the neck and shoulder regions. In more severe cases, the patient’s jaw may lock at a position, either open or closed and this is a clear abnormally to push you to seek a TMJ specialist.

Treatment Options

There are some treatment options that our TMJ specialist offers. Depending on the severity of the complication as well as its cause, you may either be recommended for a surgical or non-surgical procedure.

Our TMJ specialist Los Angeles will first administer pain meds to relieve you of pains as well as relax your muscles. The common medications for easing the pain are pain relievers, muscle relaxants as well as anti-inflammatory meds to stop the swelling which is a characteristic of TMJ disorders.

Non-Surgical Option

After our specialist has dealt with the symptoms of the patient, they now move to reverse the condition. Most TMJ disorders are minor issues, and they are easily reversible without the need for complex procedures. Our specialist recommends dental splints for most of the cases. The patient has to wear the splint all day and night as per the instructions of the specialist.

The splint helps to return the jaw to the correct alignment and correct the patient’s bite position. Mouth guards are also another option of treatment. These are recommended for those TMJ conditions that are caused by teeth grinding while sleeping.

Surgical Options

If the patient does not respond to the non-surgical options, the specialist may recommend more advanced methods that would require surgery. In these cases, our LA specialist may choose jaw reconstruction procedures such as orthodontics. The surgery will reconstruct the jaw and place it in the most comfortable position for easy mouth movement.

Other surgical procedures are restorative dental work and open joint surgery.

Book an appointment today and let our qualified TMJ specialist take your dental worries from you.

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