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    Do The Muscles In Your Face Feel Tired? Does Your Jaw Feel Sore When Chewing? Schedule Your Free TMJ Los Angeles Diagnosis Today

    You may be bothered by a sore jaw that makes popping or clicking sounds when you open and close it or it “locks up.” These are common symptoms of temporomandibular joint disorder, commonly called TMJD or just TMJ. It is experienced by 15% of American adults, especially women. Other signs could be grinding your teeth, severe headaches for no apparent reason, dizziness, swelling on the side of the face, neck and shoulder discomfort, occasional ringing in the ears, or tooth pain or sensitivity that is hard to locate exactly.

    TMJ Specialist Near Me

    Fortunately, Wilshire Smile Studio in Los Angeles specializes in treating TMJ. We endeavor to give patients relief from TMJ symptoms, while also dealing with its root causes.

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    Client Testimonials

    I was living life with chronic TMJ pain. Everyday I would wake up wishing the pain would just stop. I went to 4 so called experts and no one could give me any answers. Thank God for TMJ Center of Los Angeles, they knew right away what the issue was. I can’t even explain in words how grateful I am to be pain free, It’s like having a whole new life.

    Jen S.

    TMJ Center of Los Angeles are miracle workers. They make the whole experience pleasant and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I have been living TMJ pain free now for 6 months, so glad I met TMJ Center of Los Angeles. Definitely recommend!

    Susan B.

    After 6 months of chronic jaw pain I started looking for someone who could help solve my mystery pain. I was referred to TMJ Center of Los Angeles by a co-worker who had tmj pain in the past. I decided to come in because the pain was so unbearable. I’m so glad I took the chance and came to TCLA, one of the best decision’s I’ve ever made.

    Tim A.

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    TMJ Specialist Los Angeles

    Causes of TMJ disorder

    The TM joint is located just in front of both your ears and connects your bottom jaw with your teeth, a hinge that allows you to open and close your mouth. Contributing factors to TMJ disorder include missing teeth, teeth not coming together properly when you bite, stress, excessive chewing of gum, sports injury, and grinding teeth (bruxism). Arthritis and fibromyalgia, which afflict women more often, can also be causes. There is a high rate of occurrence in women in their 20s and 40s, which may be related to unconscious jaw clenching or bruxism while sleeping, due to the stress of childcare responsibilities while also working.

    Other research points to vitamin and mineral deficiencies due to menstruation which affect bone health, the use of oral contraceptives or treatment for hormone replacement, and the type of bone collagen that holds the disk in place between the joint and jaw socket that makes it easier to dislocate in women.

    The good news about TMJ treatments

    Fortunately, Wilshire Smile Studio is a renowned specialist in effective therapies to relieve the pain and stress of TMJ disorder, as well as to help patients prevent this from recurring. Our experienced doctors can diagnose the individual issues and teach relaxation techniques and neuromuscular exercises to move the jaw and related tissues to their correct positions. Botox injections by our oral surgeon, a highly-trained specialist in the muscle groups of the face, can also help relax the face and jaw.

    An orthopedic oral appliance may be designed to put the jaw in a neutral, relaxed position. In some cases, the bite will require correction or teeth will have to be replaced, once the pressure in the jaw that is causing the dysfunction is addressed. If these approaches are not sufficient, painless oral surgery could be prescribed.

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